Swing Media Coverage

With the rising popularity of the swinging lifestyle, more news stories are cropping up.  🙂  We thought you may find them interesting.

Here a few:

1/25/15  CNN Money – “Sex, Drugs & Silicon Valley: Inside a high-tech San Franciscoswinger’s party – Story on swinging in California’s Silicon Valley featuring some friends of ours and the Bronze Parties we often help host.  Most of us are too private about our choice of swinging to share our faces for this interview. Props go to Stella & Greg – as well as Ben – for proudly owning who they are and representing our swinging lifestyle!

12/19/11  Redbook Magazine – “Happily Married Swingers” 3/18/2005 ABC News 20/20 – “‘The Lifestyle’ — Real-Life Wife Swaps” – Bob & Tess of Couples Cruises are interviewed for this piece as well.