Swing Parties

In our experience, swing parties are the best way to meet swing couples.


We’ve met a lot of people who have stumbled across parties searching on craigslist or using google, but we recommend using the Swing Dating sites to stay on top of upcoming events.

Some of these parties will have on-premise play (they’ll provide areas for sex) and some do not allow nudity at the actual party, but are more of a meet/greet or dance party for flirting and getting to know people before going somewhere else to play.

You’ll be most successful at these parties if you go in with some confidence and are not afraid to introduce yourselves to other couples and start up a conversation.


Specific Party & Club Information

As we live in Northern California, most of our first-hand party/club exposure will be in our own local area, but we will endeavor to include other information as well.



Pleasure Zone – Though generally not “play” parties, these are our favorite events.

Bronze Party


Kiss Parties (thrown by Mission Control)

The Hush Hush Club


Erotic Garden – This is a very interesting venue


Tangerine’s Dream – we have not tried this event yet and have heard mixed reviews

Candy’s – we went once and found the people and music to be skewed older, but people were generally fit and friendly.

Plush Parties – These parties are big and are filled with super hot people.

Freedom Acres (Club FA) –

Club Joi



Players ATX – This is the most incredible swing club we have been to so far and we keep hoping for one like this top open near us.  The night we went there weren’t a lot of couples in attendance, but we fell in love with the venue.  THREE stripper poles (2 super tall, and 1 that spins), large dance floor, plenty of seating, good DJ, awesome shadow box above/behind the DJ, a bar, and ample divided play spaces with the addition of private VIP playrooms available for an additional fee.



Trapeze – Fort Lauderdale – We hear this club is incredible, but have yet to visit. (they also have an even bigger location in Atlanta, Georgia)

Miami Velvet – We’ve heard this is a predominantly latin crowd and a great venue.



Invite Only (Club IO)


Couples Choice



The Green Door – Unless you are into single males (which you may be), we suggest bringing others with you when you visit.  We were super impressed with this venue.  Lots of options for all kind of play (and kink) you may be into.

Luxury Lifestyle Events

There are also yearly events in Las Vegas thrown by various entities at hotels such as Rumor, the Hard Rock Hotel, or the Artisan – Vegas Heat (Thrown by PurrfectLV & Bliss Party in partnership with others during the AVN’s in January), Dirty Vegas (thrown by Plush Parties in May), Sin City (hosted by In Vision Events in partnership with other lifestyle groups later in May), as well as a number of other events throughout the year.



Dirty Rockstars



Club Sesso (Ron Jeremy’s Club) – Portland – This club is now closed.  We’re super bummed we never had the opportunity to visit!



Trapeze  – Atlanta (Same owners as Trapeze in Fort Lauderdale, Florida) – We have heard RAVING reviews for this club.