Couples Cruises

Couples Cruises host full cruise ship takeovers with various cruise lines.  It is an adult only, mostly swinger (and a good number of nudists) couples trip with tailored entertainment, parties, and play rooms.  We returned from our first Couples Cruise in May (with Celebrity) and it was AMAZING.  I can safely say it was the best vacation I have ever been on.  We’ve heard the Freedom of the Seas cruise out of Florida in November is even better, so we’ll be going on that one as well.  🙂

The food was not amazing on this particular cruise and we only got off the boat at one of the three ports, but the people, the energy, and the fun were like nothing we’ve ever experienced.  Friends everywhere – new & old, being able to talk about anything and openly be yourself, being able to wear almost nothing wherever you went, grabbing boobs as a new “handshake”, and having dinner with large groups of fun/hot couples was a priceless experience.

It’s a good idea to catch up on sleep before the cruise, because you’re not likely to get much while you’re there.  We went to bed around 5am almost every night/morning.

You’ll also probably want to listen to some podcasts/read up on advice from other swingers.  Here are a few we found helpful:

EveryBody Swing Podcast Episode #3 – “Swinging on a Cruise” by Matt & Bianca

Everybody Swing Podcast Episode #22 “The Mexican Swinger Cruise” by Matt & Bianca (this is the cruise we went on)

We made a sign for our door with our photo and names to add above the dry-erase board provided by CouplesCruises.  We also printed cards with our picture and contact info and wrote in our cabin number so new friends could easily find us – they’d call to meet up for dinner, etc. and we often had a group of over 7 couples going into the dining room to be seated together.

We’re still in contact and good friends with most people we met on the trip and have lots of fun stories we look forward to sharing with you! 🙂


You can learn more about other available trips by visiting our page on lifestyle travel.  🙂