Swing Symbols

We all wish there were some magic sign that could tell us whether another attractive couple were swingers or not.  There actually are a few symbols couples use, but so far none have taken off enough to be completely main stream in the lifestyle.

The biggest swinger symbol we know of right now is the “Black Ring, Right Hand”.  It has been promoted on OKSwing, The SwapFu podcast, Kasidie, and on Playboy TV’s “Swing”.  There are a number of companies selling black rings, but you can get them anywhere (we got ours on Amazon) – just don’t wear them on your middle finger as that is allegedly a symbol of asexuality!  😉

We’ve heard of a pineapple on a porch, or white rocks in driveway, a red porch light, a “Tide” laundry box in your window….what symbols do you know of?  Have you seen any out in the wild?

Our Mrs. wears her black ring every time we go out, but we have yet to find another couple (other than a few couples we’re already friends with) wearing a black ring out in the “vanilla” world.  We’d love to hear your story if you spot one!  Message us@sexyswingers101 DOT com and we may include your story here!  🙂