Freedom Acres Resort & Club

Freedom Acres Resort – “F.A.” for short – was previously a nudist resort (it is now “clothing optional”).  The place is a bit run down, but is being improved and has a variety of choices for accommodations.  The trailer we stayed in with friends was quite old and sparsely furnished, but we still had a good time.  We’ve talked with people who have stayed in very nice places here, so there is a wide range of what is available.    Just make sure you have a good idea of what you’re getting before you go.  You’ll probably have a shower/bathroom where you’re staying, but there is also a central bathroom and communal shower near the main pool….it can be kind of fun to shower with friends.  🙂  There are two pools (a bar & stripper pole at the main one), hot tubs, a restaurant that wasn’t open when we were there, and some fun little trails to explore.

A short drive from the resort (across the freeway) is Club FA – which you can visit even if you are not staying at the resort.  This place is crazy!  They have two dance floors – 2 DJs & 3 poles!, a full meal buffet, a bar, towels, bathrooms with showers, lockers (bring your own lock), nightly cake presentation for guests celebrating special days (presented by club owner, Russ), pole competitions, themes, body painting, an S&M room, a photographer, a sex swing, a glory hole, and a labyrinth of beds/play spaces!  I recently learned there are (by coincidence) exactly 69 beds.  😉

As with any club, the experience can vary from night to night depending on who attends, but we found the people to be fun and friendly and seemed to always find some people we found attractive (in addition to the ones we brought).  We’ve talked to many others who have had great experiences as well.

Definitely a good place to check out at least once!