Swing Dating Sites

So how do you meet other couples open to swinging?   Well, some people have luck using Craiglist, OKcupid, or AdultFriendFinder, but we highly recommend using a site specifically geared to swinging.  You’ll be able to browse by your own unique preferences, plus you’ll find many parties and events which are perfect for checking out the swing scene and for meeting a lot of different people at once and figuring out which couples you really vibe with.  If parties aren’t your thing, meeting up for dinner or drinks two-on-two in a more intimate setting might be a better idea.  We’ll be posting soon with tips.

Here are the biggest Swing dating sites:

Lifestyle Lounge (aka “LL”) – www.lifestylelounge.com

Kasidie – www.kasidie.com

Swing Lifestyle (aka “SLS”) – www.swinglifestyle.com

Swingers Date Club (aka “SDC”) – www.sdc.com

Quiver (very new, but seems well done) – www.quiver.us

Swingular (this site is VERY big in Utah) – www.swingular.com